Moving in, moving out

The updates have been a little tardy (or tardi in Italian) because of the flurry of activity over the past weeks. An explanation is in order. I arrived in Rome at the end of June and stayed in the Jesuit community called the Collegio di Bellarmino (Bellarmine College) which is a residence for Jesuits doing advanced studies (Masters and beyond) in Rome. That was temporary. I belong to the Collegio di Gesu community, and our house has been under renovation for the past year. Some parts of it was cleaned up sufficiently for us to move in last weekend and there I’ve been ever since.

Moving isn’t easy and the process of moving reminds one of the need to be mobile and simple. Mobile in that as religious and missionaries, we might need to pack up and go in a hurry. Simple in that we shouldn’t accumulate too many things that it makes things difficult to be mobile. That fact was hammered home as I was packing to leave Kuching about 2 months ago and I’m thankful that I did (and still do) travel light. The move from the Bellarmino to the Gesu was relatively painless and I’m glad to say that I was finally able to unpack after almost a month here. It’s good to be able to settle into one’s room, even if it’s not going to be as permanent as one might like.

There’s still work being done in the house so things remain fairly dusty but we live despite the slight discomfort. The settling into a place that’s becoming more familiar and the sense of being at home as we seek to personalise and really live in our rooms (as opposed to living as a guest in the Bellarmino) makes a huge difference. I’m starting to feel at home even though we just got here and I suppose that bodes well for things to come.

The view from my room just before dawn. Ahhh Roma.

A testament to our mobility is the fact that a week after we moved in here, we’re leaving for the port city of Genoa for a month. We’re going there to continue our Italian language classes and to live with the Jesuit community and Novitiate there. I expect there to be much immersion and interaction into Italian language and culture and we’re very much looking forward to this. Genoa is famous for being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and pesto. The spirit of the former reminds us of the need to continually discover new things, be it languages or lands and well, I just like eating things with the latter. Either way, things are good.

Updates shall continue as we move along but in the meantime, allow me to wish one and all, a Blessed Feast of St Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits whose feast day we celebrate today.

Happy and Blessed feast day to one and all!


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