Back from Down Under

It’s been quite a week and now that things are unpacked, gifts given and the memory card finally found its way out of the camera, thought it would be apt to write about the experience in Western Australia. It was really nice to have time away from the hustle and bustle of home and to really relax and spend some family time. It’s funny how we can live in the same flat yet not get the chance to sit round chatting or playing simple card games when we’re back in our ‘real’ lives and that’s a bit of a shame that we have to travel 5000 kilometres to do that.

Western Australia was very nice – picturesque and very peaceful. Perfect for us to drive round to sample the local produce, nose around the markets and generally immerse ourselves in all that it had to offer. Apart from the wine, chocolates and olive oil that we managed to lug back, we returned with great memories of a trip that we haven’t had for a long time.

It’s a little hard to write about the joy that one has when travelling as we did but I think a couple of pictures would do better. The colours of the first are brilliant (and unedited) and is a reminder of the calm and brilliance of all that we experienced Down Under. The second’s just a nice little sepia-ed shot of us at Kings Park in Perth just before heading to the airport. Till next time!


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