A hundred to go

Back on the wagon after the longest time but am back with a little twist. There’s an expiry date of sorts for this blog and though I do regret not having written much over the past year, I guess starting up again represents a writing renaissance of sorts for me. If this preamble seems a tad ominous and somewhat mysterious, it’s intentionally so and will stay as such for the time being. I’m not quite ready to demystify things for the moment so will be writing in broad oblique strokes that I so enjoy.

It’s funny how one yearns and looks forward to something so much only to be at a loss as to hwo to deal with it when it actually does happen. I do realise that I’m being vague about things again but suffice to say that I’ve been at crossroads for a while and after having crossed them, I can see the path ahead fairly clearly but am still a little unsure as I take the first tentative steps down the road. People always tell you not to look back when embarking on something (Orpheus would have much to say about this), not to look down when you’re at a high place and to forge ahead when the opportunity arises. Easier said than done I say and it’s seems to be human nature to yearn for things that one is used to.

The pensiveness is starting again and as one looks towards the exciting yet daunting future, one realises that the oft quoted cliché about change being a constant does indeed ring true. One cannot help but worry about what is to come but at the same time recognise that things do sometimes happen for good reasons and change is no different.

100 more. The countdown begins – to change and a welcome newness.


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had a head like a brush (it's more like an egg now). seeks to sweep through thought and faith with that brush. tries to wax philosophical but often forgets to wax off. trying to be good brush to all, while discerning what kind of brush he's meant to be.

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