Quarantine Files – Getting out

It’s finally happened – the clock ticked down to the time when the quarantine order ran out and I was faced with what I was looking forward to for the past week. Freedom. I must say that it was a little more anticlimactic that I expected – no fireworks or lined streets but it was nice nonetheless. I’ve heard the phrase ‘breath of freedom’ once before and didn’t quite realise what it meant till I stepped out the door and went down to the foot of the block. The air tasted different. Fresher and smelling of unbounded licence to move where I willed.

I took a slow almost somnambulistic jog round the neighbourhood in celebration. Slow because I wasn’t sure how much of the bug was still in my system but the speed also allowed me to get my bearings and reacquaint myself with the ‘outside world’. Being out of circulation for a while has made me much more appreciative of what’s outside (surprise surprise!) but has also given me a new insights into what people in similar situations go through.

I was fortunate enough to have been only really ill for about two days out of the time I was trapped at home. The rest of the time was spent pottering around trying to get some work or reading done. While I did chafe at the confinement, I realised that it was but me staying home because of an externally mandated requirement that would expire after a while. I was well enough to look forward to a time when I could get out.

I realised that my problems were small in comparison to those who were ill and didn’t know when or where they were going to get better. Putting myself in their shoes, I wouldn’t even begin to think about how I’d cope with something like that. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re adaptable creatures that can change ourselves to suit the environments that we find ourselves in – I’m sure we would be able to adapt eventually but the process would be long and arduous. I got a hint of what life would be like in such a case and my heart goes out to all who are in such situations. You have my utmost respect for putting up with and adapting to what you have.

On a more cheerful note, with the end of the quarantine comes the start of normalcy again. If I was doing before this whole thing could be counted as normalcy…


1 Response to “Quarantine Files – Getting out”

  1. 1 Jes 7 July 2009 at 8:22 08

    Yes…We are blessed that this is a small case really. 🙂 thanks for putting this in perspective for me as well.

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