Quarantine Files – The unbearable stillness of quarantine

Rather than bemoan the fact that I’m still under quarantine, have decided to take a slightly different tack in today’s post. I’ve come to realise a couple of things that may seem painfully obvious to us when I write it but these are also things that we often overlook when we’re busy and rushing around getting our lives in order. Sometimes we do need some time away from everything that we’re used to for us to actually start living.

Fight not, flow.

I tried to fight the feeling of boredom and the sense of helplessness at being at home with a litany of complaints about what this meant and how I couldn’t go about my normal life for seven long days. That created an unnecessary amount of angst and negative energy that just made the first day less pleasant. Learning to go with the flow and allowing oneself to appreciate the situation as it is and not struggle too much against what cannot be changed helped. My acceptance of my getting stuck at home without recourse to the world outside the front door allowed me to better appreciate what was actually here.

Busy is not the cure
The first couple of days at home were hard – I tried to fill them with as many things as I could and tired myself out unecssarily. It didn’t help that I was trying to fight an annoying virus within at the same time. I was on the email the whole day and was frantically doing my grading like my life depended on it, fearing boredom if I stopped. I quickly realised the futility of doing all that and slowed down. At the advice of my colleagues, I put an out-of-office message on the email and began doing things at a less frantic pace. It helped. Boredom didn’t quite take hold, I still managed to finish a huge chunk of work and got rid of that dreaded flu bug.

There is peace to be gained in silence.
I tried to keep to myself for the first couple of days when the risk of infection was much higher and consequently had to spend long hours in my room alone. Even meals were eaten in silence as I wanted to keep my parents flu-free. We often fear silence because our lives are filled with noises (which are sometimes neither sweet nor give delight) so we fill it with conversations, music, the TV anything. I realised that the peace that one gets in silence is immeasurable – we just need to allow ourselves to quieten ourselves to appreciate it.

And placidly I went, and have but a day to go before I am once again unleashed upon the poor unsuspecting world. And this time, I’m not just proof that pigs flu, am also pig flu proof.


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