The slinky theory

I’m in the midst of a period that I’m tempted to label as terribly busy but sometimes I feel that this terribleness is partly my doing. As mentioned in a previous post, the last month is looking like a mad rush of events and tying up of loose ends that should have been tied up some time ago. Those who know me and have worked with me before know my predilection for procrastination and last-minute work and things tend to come to a head towards the end of projects. And here I am, writing a post on the eve of the closing of the first phase of the project that we’ve nurtured for the past half year. Don’t know about many other things but I do know one thing – I’m going to miss the students that I’ve grown to know and care for over the months.

Mush aside, I’ve realised something about me and time. My fondness for cooking up odd theories comes to the fore again – the fast-white-stripe theory along with my almost scientific explanation for the 3-second rule come to mind (more on these in a future post) – and this time it has to do with a springy toy. I believe time is a little like a slinky in the demonstration of longitudinal waves – there are compressions and rarefactions that represent times when one is busy and relatively free respectively. Those who have good time management skills learn how to make the best of the non-compressive times to get things done so the more stressful busy periods are somewhat mitigated. Others are like me.

One enjoys cruising along, making full use of free time to read and do anything that doesn’t resemble work. I’m good at that. The last two months were great cruising periods – enough classes and planning for events to keep me somewhat busy but not extremely so. Still had time to read under the tree in the evening. There were however lesson plans scribbled on notepads that had to be converted into proper electronic documents, messy curriculum schedules to tidy up and survey data to be analysed. These bits of work were not time dependent so I was content to ride the decompression of the slinky with abandon.

And so we come to the mid-October me. I’m staring at just over a month’s time left here and it’s staring back at me. And I think I can just about make out the laughter. I’ve hit the compression head on and the slinky is starting to compress much more than I realised. And one realises that one had better get back to work instead of writing about odd theories. Right.


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