What’s up, down and otherwise

I’ve noticed that the blog posts have been a little esoteric and quite unrelated to what I’m actually doing here. One might even go so far as to think that I’m not actually doing much other than read modern novels and sit around thinking about the state of education in the world right now. While that’s true of me in the evenings, I think this might be a good time to write a little about how my days are filled right now. But true to the form of this blog and my innate discursiveness, I shan’t tell a straight story but go roundabout instead.

I learn of chalk
In the few years of teaching back home, I’ve not quite had the chance to use chalk in class. The old idiom of ‘chalk and talk’ never quite hit home as it was always ‘whiteboard marker and talk’ – and one realises that something gets lost in translation. And so one uses chalk, tries not to sneeze too much with all the chalk dust that flies with my inexperienced scrawlings and is careful to keep the fingernails as far from the board as possible. There’s a certain charm to the use of chalk and coming back from class with chalky fingers reminds one of what it’s like to get into the thick of the class.

Documentation, thy name is documentation
As the weeks roll by and I get ready to hand over the reins of the project to Manoj and his team over here, I realise that all the fun and games that we had in class needed a certain amount of documentation, something that I’ve been neglecting in my general dislike of documentation. So the grind begins – I’ve got a relatively easy week of less sessions with students and that means that it’s a perfect chance for me to catch up with the documentation that I’ve deliberately been avoiding so far. Lesson plans have to be consolidated and schemes of work laid out clearly for the upcoming months. My only response: sigh.

Kicking back
I’ve been asked many times what I do on weekends and in the evenings. Apart from the reading of modern novels and thinking about the state of modern education, I’ve realised that the increased amount of time I have on my hands lends itself to a spot of reflection and a general appreciation of things around me. Be it taking a little longer on the evening jogs to relish the cool evening breeze or sitting out on the grass to watch the sun go down and the sky turn from blue to red to black. It’s nice to be able to kick back a little and enjoy the little pleasures – something that the constant commuting back home didn’t allow me to do as much.


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