The abject lack of inspiration

Blame it on the troubly rumbly tummy, on report writing and on general blogthargy. I’m not getting the requisite amount of inspiration to post a sufficiently cerebral update. So as any good writer would do, I’m writing about not being able to write. Postmodern, self-referential and ironic as this might sound, it’s working somewhat and by the time I complete this sentence, I’d have written at least 50 words with a little more to come. It’s odd what one does when one gets worked up about the lack of inspiration only to have that very lack give birth to something.

I’ve compiled a list of topics that I’d like to write about but haven’t quite got around to getting on to them – inertia on my part and the already mentioned lack of inspiration to actually craft those ideas into vaguely readable paragraphs. Suffice to say that some of it will appear on this blog sooner or later and the rest will languish in the bottomless pit of forgetfulness that is the poor excuse of a brain that rests under the brush.

On a different note, where the blog languishes the programmes that we’re running are doing fine. Work’s progressing well and the new service-learning and community outreach programmes are coming along fine. Just need to think about how to manage large groups of hyperactive children, half of whom don’t quite understand what the other half is saying. But we’ll find a way.

Chanced upon an interesting site, Wordle, that creates word clouds out of whatever text you provide. Being a tad narcissistic at the time, I decided to use this old post on teaching as the base and the result is below in all its textual glory. It’s really quite nice and brings out the flavour of the original post well too. One is pleased.


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