Things a move can teach you

There’s going to be a slight change in my accommodation arrangements that’s put a slight dent in my preparations for my long awaited holiday up north (more on that in a subsequent post). I’ve been living in a flat with another member of the Indus staff, Moses but because of some new staff coming in and the annual reshuffling of the allocation of flats for the staff, we were reallocated housing on campus. I’m not complaining because it’s at the invitation and kindness of Indus that I’ve got a place to stay in the first place but complications in the move and the process of packing got me down for a while.

First of all, I’ve realised what a pack-rat (a.k.a. karang-guni or junk collector) I am. In a scant 4 months, my belongings have ballooned from just a single suitcase and a small bag to those two plus two boxes (one of which is fairly large). One wonders how on earth I managed to collect all this stuff within such a short time. Granted my hurried packing does waste space but how did I collect so much junk? Part of the reason is my book buying – have almost one whole smallish box worth of books, most of which I’m planning to ship home. The other reason is that I’ve found that the accoutrements of living does add up – one needs the iron, kettle, small plastic containers for food and other items and these don’t lend themselves to easy moving. That and the fact that I rarely throw anything away until it’s absolutely necessary or festering. I tell myself not to keep stuff but the pack-rat in me does it anyway. (This even extends to me and my computer – my overstuffed harddisk is a testament to my non-deletion of things.) But am glad that the packing’s done and the move will be done with little fuss.

The other problem lies in the arrangements. I’m due to move into nice cosy room in a new block for staff but the problem is that the previous occupant of the room left with the key and won’t be back for a month. I have to move out of the current flat because the new occupant will be here next week so have been allocated another room near my actual room and have to keep my stuff packed so that they can move it into my room while I’m away because the temporary room’s occupant will be back while I’m away. The mind boggles but will have to make do and live out of my suitcase for a couple of days. Not the best of situations to be in but at least I have a place to stay in the meantime. One does have to be thankful for what one has and not worry too much about what things could be.

Evidence of my pack-ratty/karang-guni instincts. Overstuffed, overflowing suitcase.


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  1. 1 wa'hpn 29 June 2008 at 9:24 09

    Sloth’s also been packing coz he’s due to reno his house for the first time in 20+ years. Just a few months ago, I threw out his (extremely weathered) Castle Grayskull. He was very upset with me! Haha… but it was reduced to rotting plastic, though the trapdoor still worked!

    Maybe I’m just jealous coz that was the one toy my mom always refused to buy for my bro and I… lol

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