Connections, oh connections

When you do read this, that means that I’m connected. Odd that I’m writing something like that but one only really realises how much one relies on something in particular when that particular capacity is gone. Though it’s something that many echo through the ages, they do so for good reason – it’s quite true and will probably continue to be so for a long time. You know what people say about what absence does to the heart – the same thing does happen to inanimate objects as well. Something similar at least.

We’ve had constant breaks in internet connectivity over the past weeks but they were all rectified fairly quickly and we were only bereft for a couple of hours. The weekend wasn’t quite the same as we were out for almost three days without recourse to other means of getting a connection. This hit me a little more than most because I make use of Skype to call home and not getting that connection meant that calls home were highly truncated (IDD calls home from here are pretty expensive – double the cost from the cheaper countries like HK and the USA) and couldn’t catch up as much as I’d like to. Email communication was out too – delaying a few bits of things that I wanted to communicate about the project as well.

This led me to think about the fine line between reliance and over-reliance on something. I won’t hide the fact that I am very reliant on the internet connection to do most things. Not only do I communicate on it but I rely on it for news, quick bits of information and hence spend a fair bit of time reading things online as well. While I was slightly annoyed at the lack of connection over the past few days, am happy to say that it’s not been excessively bad having a great amount of time spent off the computer reading things that are of the papery persuasion instead of the electronic ones. I do prefer things on print, even the newspapers with highly transferable ink. It’s all about the tactile nature of that experience – but more about that later.

[Edit] They’ve just installed a new web-filter/firewall thingie that blocks just about anything and their pet cat. That includes this blog. I’m circumventing this through a proxy but am not getting full access to all the wordpress features. (Can’t add anything or even change font because can’t enter the html side as well). So for the moment, no pictures till I figure something else out. But at least I’m back to posting.

[Edit on 18 June] Back to full functionality. The few days of disrupted connections did tell me much about my reliance (and possible over-reliance) on the internet for practically everything. Much to be said about other forms of getting news and info and the lack of a proper connection did show bits of that to me. Suffice to say that I’m back online and somehow wordpress miraculously came back under the ‘unblocked’ category.


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