Of clouds and wonder

Was talking to a neighbour the other day on the way back to the apartment when he slowed down to look at the clouds and remarked how amazing the clouds looked so solid yet were completely made up of bits of water vapour. Being a cloud watcher myself, I looked up and marvelled at the lumpy cumulus and wispy cirrus clouds in stark white, contrasted against the azure evening sky. He then went on to point out how the edges of the clouds seemed to be in such turmoil while the body of it just seemed to stay solid. ‘Such a wonder it is’ he added before looking up again as we walked back in companiable silence.

That conversation reminded me how often we forget about the wonders of nature that we see around us and take for granted and how our living in an urban environment has desensitised us to the little things that we can see, feel and appreciate. One cannot help but feel small as one sees the vastness of the clouds and sky; insignificant compared to the imposing hills around the Deccan Plateau that I saw along the road to Chennai; powerless to stop the driving wind and lashing rain that comes with the monsoon. Apprehending the vastness and power of what we have around us helps put things into perspective. We often place an inordinate amount of importance to the self – but what are we in the face of all that surround us? We may be able to alter our environment to suit our needs but that merely makes a little dent in the potential of our surroundings.

I could go on but that in itself would probably not do justice to what one can really experience if one keeps oneself open to the wonders of things around. All it takes is to open one’s eyes just a tad more, slow down a little and turn one’s head around a little just to see what’s around. You’ll be amazed at what turns up if we just tried to notice it.

The clouds, the clouds! Can ever get enough of them?


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