Of reviews and grass

And the brush returns after a short hiatus and where there’s a break, there’s something to write about. Past week’s been quite an interesting one by all respects and hope that this short little post can do it justice. It was the final week of the initial intensive ‘Summer camp’ programme that we have for our students from the local community which also coincided with the second visit of the SIF Specialist SVO (Singapore Volunteers Overseas) team which was here to do a review of both the summer camp as well as look at the way forward for the programme in general.

I’ve gushed about the students before and guess it’s an appropriate time to do it again. They’ve improved considerably over the past weeks and seeing their hunger and motivation translate into actual learning and ability to apply this learning as indeed been a highlight of my time here so far. They went from not being able to use the mouse properly to producing some very credible PowerPoint presentations that were presented over the weekend. To say that I’m happy and proud of their progress would be understating the matter greatly. The best part about this is the fact that the programmes just begun and we have quite a few more classes with them over the rest of the year and we’ll be able to build on what we’ve already got.

Reviews went well both internally as well as with the Indus leadership and the best bit is that the direction of this programme and its ancillary bits has been clarified and path forwards getting clearer. Not that it’s going to be an easy jaunt in the woods but am glad that my initial plans to do a spot of expansion of the programme to include more Service-Learning elements is coming through and plans are afoot for an expanded target audience for the programme as well. Things are indeed looking good for the whole programme. Perhaps it was the inspirational attitude of students both from the community as well as from Indus, perhaps it was the laid-back country-side setting that we had over here that helped in the discussions but whatever it was, we did come away with some concrete plans to do some even more concrete good here.

Montage of the last few days of the summer camp. SVOs included.

Peck, Preman, me, Lishan (and Seah behind the camera) in serious discussions on the lawn.


2 Responses to “Of reviews and grass”

  1. 1 wa'hpn 6 May 2008 at 10:34 10

    it’s like finally many rea-lize-able do-gooding agendas roling into one!

    i’m thinking you should be writing your next entry in the present continuous tense…

  2. 2 gymstan 7 May 2008 at 11:03 11

    I’m thinking that would be a good idea. Though maybe posting here and writing in present continuous would also be good.

    What I’m saying is that writing in the present is good. I am being most pleased about this.

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