30 going on 30

Been a week since crossed another threshold – had many well wishes that reminded that I’m now in the 30s and that I’m no longer one of those in my ‘late-twenties’ but am in my ‘early-thirties’. Not a big deal but after a week of thirty-hood, am led to think about a number of things. Well not that many but a few at least.

Whenever we cross a major juncture of our lives, we pause to reflect. What have we done with our lives? How have we lived it? Have we fulfilled what we set out to do? There are many lists out there on the internet telling one about ‘Things to do before we’re 30′ and as I go through these lists, one realises that the items tend to fall into two categories. The developmental types and the slightly more hedonistic types. Not that the categories are mutually exclusive but to me (in my own limited world view), there are things that help develop us as a person (reading good books, travelling, performing service, attaining a physical goal) and there are things that are purely for pleasure (owning a sports car, living in a cool place). Not that one type is better than the other but as I checked stuff off some of these lists, I realise my preferences and that almost unconsciously, I actually have been ‘living it up’ over the years and in immortal words of a one-time famous American Idol contestant, ‘I’ve done my best (so far) and have no regrets.’

Before I get overly sappy about things (which I’m in grave danger of doing), would want to add that lists are merely lists. They’re an arbitrary set of tasks that one tries to shoehorn his or her life into. Sort of like asking Theseus to perform Hercules’ 12 tasks. Quite often it doesn’t fit but at the same time, it does make one think about what one’s done and what one can do before one becomes 40. We want to make the most of the limited time we have on this mortal coil (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) so why not try to do more, no? While we’re on the subject of doing stuff on the world, have a more religious slant to this at the bottom of this page too.

One more funny thing – call it coincidence or whatever you will but I noticed something about me and birthdays with multiples of 5. This is the third multiple of five birthdays in a row that I’ve spent overseas. All others were spent at home (or at least in home country). Weird. The 20th was spent in Taiwan, in a military camp on an unnamed, classified and ultimately futile military exercise. Not quite miserable but being in camouflage green wasn’t the best way of spending that day. The 25th was spent in London – in the midst of preparing for the final exams for the MSc. Much better but still had the prospect of dreaded exams looming. And now I’m in Bangalore. Wonder where the 35th will be spent…the mind boggles.

Trying to be artistic with a long shutter speed shot of Indus at night. Semi-artistic I mean.


2 Responses to “30 going on 30”

  1. 1 pmg 29 April 2008 at 9:37 09

    Hello Old Man. Did you get my email. Work on question 2. Thanks.

  2. 2 MelChua 2 May 2008 at 1:04 01

    Happy Belated Birthday Stan!
    Great to have milestone b’days huh…btw, nice pic you have there =)

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