Frustration, Ferocity and Felicity

Projects don’t always run smoothly and one is constantly faced with a certain amount of frustration when dealing with even the most well-intentioned of people. I work with a bunch of great teachers and school administrators but even at the best of times, there are gaps when it comes to aims as well as understanding of the real needs of the project. It’s these gaps that cause a certain amount of frustration both to me as the one who’s coordinating the project as well as my partners here who have invested an equal amount in it. Narrowing the gap is good but what would be better would be to get everyone on the same page with regards to the project – and that would reduce frustrations on all sides.

Heat’s getting a little worse and Bangalore of the benign weather is not quite living up to its promise. The mercury’s been climbing quite steadily over the weeks and since I last posted about this, the heat’s been on and continuing to go on unabated. Granted we have not (and hopefully will not) hit the highs of the north but it’s getting almost ferociously hot as it is. Difference between what we get here is that the heat gets pretty searing and while it’s neither clammy nor muggy, the sun beating (or flogging) down from the azure skies is pretty only while one is in the shade with the fan on. The nice cool evenings that were a joy to run in have now become ground-radiatingly warm with hot breezes to boot.

The last bit of this post is to thank everyone for the kind wishes and good amount of joy that’s been spread both here and offline over the past week. While I do try to play the getting old bit down as much as I can, circumstances often conspire to thwart that effort – and that does contribute to the little bits of happiness that helps keep one going. Even as one does not worry about the general provisions of life, it’s these that creates the nice warm fuzzy feelings that keep us going. Ben Franklin says it much better than I do so I’ll let him end this.

Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day.

Benjamin Franklin


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