Heat me with your best shot

The heat is on – summer has officially started with the blazing sun and quite uncomfortably hot afternoons. The comfort of February and March where I was revelling in the very cool evenings and nice warm afternoons has given way to the relative heat of the dryer season. Not that I’m complaining as Bangalore is only forecast to hit a high of 35°C as compared to the 40s in the north. Thank goodness for the Deccan Plateau and the respite that we get from that.

Things are chugging along well in the programme and we’ve passed the halfway mark of the Summer Camp with our students still bright-eyed and yearning for more. Practically all the teachers who’ve had the chance to teach our students have marvelled at their earnestness and willingness to learn. A far cry from students who come from much more privileged backgrounds who feel that education is but a chore that distracts them from enjoying themselves. Watching our students enjoy their learning and their enthusiasm to learn more would warm the cockles of any educator’s hearts. Consider my heart’s cockles warmed.

Had a visitor to the room yesterday – woke up and saw it half a metre from my face and even in the haze of sleepiness realised what it was. I had a praying mantis in my room. Again. The first one I had some weeks back was a lurid leaf green – the kind that we see in the National Geographic documentaries lopping off and eating the heads of their spouses. This one was a little more muted in colour – dark mottled green-brown. Nervous little chap – pausing and scurrying round the room with wild abandon, no doubt attracted to the huge number of insects that visit us every evening. It’s name is Ted. It ran out to the living room last evening – many more insects there.

Ted the praying mantis


4 Responses to “Heat me with your best shot”

  1. 1 Feli 19 April 2008 at 9:05 09

    Will Steve be jealous?

  2. 2 gymstan 19 April 2008 at 11:09 11

    Steve the grasshopper’s fine. Been keeping well. Making friends with Jim the cricket too. They get along famously.

  3. 3 wa'hpn 20 April 2008 at 1:52 01

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Welcome to the 30s! =D

    No better present than having students who are earnest and appreciative of the opportunity to learn, huh? I really can’t wait to get back there to work with them. One of my classes is a pretty decent bunch of kids this sem, but the SVPS students really strengthen my faith in the teaching profession, and quite honestly, humanity in general.

  4. 4 gymstan 20 April 2008 at 10:34 10

    Thanks! Somehow the 30s don’t feel too different from the 20s. But that’s just now.

    Yes, the SVPS students are indeed inspiring and are a reminder of why we become educators in the first place. I remain in awe of their motivation and willingness to learn. Truly amazing…

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