Messy mixed muddled miscellany

Am breaking from the time-honoured tradition of posting every few days and will post an amazing two days in a row! The programme over here is going on quite smoothly and have been able snatch moments of quiet for myself here and there. The lessons for the later weeks still have to be written and there’s still other work to be done but nothing that can’t be achieved over the weeks to come.

Started swimming about 2 weeks ago – good time to do so as the weather’s turned warm and it’s most pleasant to have a cool dip in the evenings. First time I’m doing laps in a 25m pool and my first foray saw me swimming several laps more than I intended because I kept on losing count. Just when I thought it was bad in the 50m Olympic sized pool back home, it just got worse. In order to keep myself honest, would revert to the last remembered count and continue from there. This would usually lead to a few more laps done (which is good) and a small amount of frustration at my inability to count. Think I need one of these.

The swim, run and occasional swim-run sessions that I have here remind me of the triathlons and such that I suppose I’ll be missing over the course of the year. Not a huge hardship seeing that I AM in India, enjoying my time and getting something meaningful done to boot but there is a small itch in the legs to get back to participating in some multi-sport event or other. This also inspired me to edit and post something I wrote some time back about my journey (of sorts) in the multi-sport world. Here it is. Somewhat self indulgent but I guess that’s the thing about these blog things. They do tend to be. Shall try to reduce on that in subsequent posts no?

In the meantime enjoy the miscellany and do remember that the 106th Paris-Roubaix (cycling race) is on tomorrow (Sunday 13th April). This is one of the meanest and toughest one-day races in the cycling calendar.

More miscellany – an April sunset. Luverly it is. Reminds one of how small we are in the wonders of the world no?

Is it just me or are the sunsets getting more spectacular?


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