First week – benchmark or marked bench?

Been here for a week and as the last post mentioned, am feeling quite settled in the place and am in the process of preparing for quite a number of things for the project itself. Things are starting to fall into place but just as things do fall into place, as with all things, the spanners start dropping into the works.

Not that spanners are bad – just a little annoying for a start. There’s a bus, lorry and taxi strike over this weekend and as a result, the bus that would normally bring me into town on a Sunday will not run and as such, will be figuring out what I’ll be doing on Sunday. While one doesn’t really want to wax philosophical about benefits and drawbacks of having unions, one realises that the path to true democracy comes with a number of pitfalls and like it or not, these have to be borne if that path is to be followed.

And so the first seven days have passed without incident and am chugging along fine. Nothing much else of note has happened apart from the strikes and a pretty productive week at work. First week as a benchmark for my settling in? Possibly but maybe the bench has already been marked and I’m just sitting on it. Not making sense but at least its been good. Hopefully will continue to be so.

Have updated the Spes Sententia page. These are my more religious-based reflections. The entries are added from the bottom so you’d have to scroll down to see the latest ones. This will have to do for the time being.


2 Responses to “First week – benchmark or marked bench?”

  1. 1 Moses 23 February 2008 at 2:05 02

    Hi Stanley,
    Your write-up describing on your experiences here at Indus, Bangalore is a fantastic read. Im glad you have settled in well, hope your work and stay is productive. Thanks for your kind words for me. Im thrilled to find an intellectual to talk to on research endeavors, lets hope that the collaboration you are here on is a success story!
    Cheers !!

  2. 2 gymstan 26 February 2008 at 8:02 08

    Thanks Moses! Great that you think so and am sure my stay here will be most productive and enjoyable to boot!

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