Endorphins and a sense of calm

Rhythms are good. Just as most animals follow a certain circadian rhythm (Thanks to Moses, my kind new roommate who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of circadian rhythms and fruit flies!) to awake and sleep, we humans also need a sense of rhythm to promote a sense of comfort. Moving away from home to a foreign place disrupts this rhythm and it sometimes takes quite a while to get that into place. Amazingly, its not even been a week yet and I’m already feeling a sense of rhythm starting over here.

Went for runs on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and in the process met a huge number of people in and around the school. Have not yet ventured out of the school compound for runs yet so the school’s 400m track had to do for the moment. While it’s not your state-of-the-art tartan track, the slight unevenness of the earth and the by now slightly blurred paint lines do give a nice feel to the run. More than the place to run was the camaraderie among those at the track and the endorphins that one gets after the run. One really does feel very different after exercise – getting out, sweating and breathing in the fresh evening air does wonders to one’s spirit.

And so the work goes on fairly well too – some lesson planning was done and the curriculum is taking shape. Going to have to work on putting things together and to get the Service Learning element down as that seems to be one of the main things that we need to get in. The project won’t be a project without the Service Learning aims and processes done properly. But then, shan’t bore everyone with the nuts and bolts of the project.

The warmness and welcome that I’ve been getting over here has been nothing short of overwhelming. Everyday I meet with smiles and kind acts that almost make me feel bad for being here. The willingness to share and to go out of one’s way to help someone new to fit in is indeed something that I’ll never forget and something that many of us would do well to learn. Hope that I’m able to reciprocate that.

One last thing – food’s great here. Yes, this is the banal thing to do but imagine eating good quality Indian food everyday. Curries, great sambars, chutneys, all the tosas and naans you can eat. Not to mention huge amounts of lentils and beans everyday.

Till the next post…enjoy the rest of the week!


The flat door (one in the middle). More on the inside when my room’s in a slightly more presentable state.


The sunset on Wednesday. Magnificent no?


2 Responses to “Endorphins and a sense of calm”

  1. 1 jess 22 February 2008 at 7:53 07

    Hmm..why am I reminded of 3 Sis from your photo? Good that you are getting into the rhythms of life there! 🙂 Go easy on the lentils okie! hehehe….

  2. 2 gymstan 26 February 2008 at 8:03 08

    Sure, will go easy on the lentils but no guarantee about the rest of the beans, pulses and legumes! Yes, the photo was inspired by 3 Sis…

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