First days…and a change

Ventured out to Bangalore town on Sunday and got the feel of India first hand. Am glad that it’s not quite summer yet as it was already hot enough for me but other than that the sights and sounds of Bangalore were most interesting and in many cases, eye-opening.

Took a bus down to town courtesy of Indus International School (the place where I’m based for the project) and landed at Forum Mall – one of the biggest and newest shopping centres in Bangalore. Was given about 6 hours between drop off and the pick up by the bus (Indus is over 25km from Bangalore town and I’ve not gathered the gumption to tackle public transport so the Indus bus will have to do) so decided to take a quick walk up and down Hosur Road, one of the main trunk roads in and out of town.

Being a Sunday and all, one isn’t surprised to see how bustling the whole place is. Passed roadside vendors, fishmongers selling fish right off the carts, avoided a couple of skinned goats (and their entrails) dangling a little too close to the pavement for comfort and generally drank in what big-city India’s like. Bit messy, bit crowded and way too many vehicles honking and belching greenhouse gases (couldn’t resist that, sorry) but thoroughly invigorating. This, I remind myself, is Asia, with all the nooks and crannies along with the slight messiness that makes a place likeable. I also say that because a messy person like me is attracted to kindred spirits like messy cities.

Slight change to my living arrangement – apparently the huge room with the TV and such was a temporary room till my actual room in an apartment above was readied. Wish was told this before I unpacked. Spent all of 20 minutes throwing everything into the suitcase and any number of plastic bags I could find and shifted up into another room. This one’s almost as big but a little less well appointed. It’s part of an apartment with a kitchenette and I’m sharing the room with a researcher who’s come to study the school and its students. He’s not in at the moment but will definitely meet him in a day or two. No TV or internet connection in this one – quite spartan and more what I expected before coming here. Great thing is that I’ve got a nice view of the surrounding countryside and I’m hoping that the lack of both TV and internet connection would help me to settle down and focus better. That’s what I’m here for after all.

You might find me a little tardy in replying and not online as much – will try to rectify that but in the meantime, the brush might be a little more silent.


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  1. 1 wa'hpn wa'hpn 20 February 2008 at 12:58 12

    photos photos photos!

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