On the road soon…or at least in the air.

And so one prepares to leave, takes a final glance at the suitcase that’s filled to near bursting point, checks one’s tickets and travel documents and looks wistfully round the place that one won’t be seeing for a good number of months, there’s a strange feeling that starts at the pit of one’s stomach and spreads.

9 months away isn’t a long time but neither is it very short. While one thinks of the possibilities and experiences that one will encounter, one also thinks of the things that one leaves behind. While I realise that one should try to be less attached to things and even to people, that we should seek to go anywhere where we are sent to without regrets or fears, it’s a natural tendency to do this and to feel this way. For me at least.

So as one tries to calm the jitters and concentrate on what is to come, one remembers that fear and anxiety are but passing states that one cannot help but go through. It’s the dealing with these that allows one to move on. Saint John (the evangelist) once said that ‘There’s no fear in love’. So there isn’t – one just has to remember that.

Pondering…with the sun in one’s face. Nice.


3 Responses to “On the road soon…or at least in the air.”

  1. 1 wa'hpn wa'hpn 16 February 2008 at 5:27 05

    u reached yet? wa’hpn? how u doin? hope you’re not so busy has to not have pensive-musing-reflective stan time 🙂
    we all miss ya!

  2. 2 wa'hpn wa'hpn 16 February 2008 at 5:31 05

    BTW, you used the word “one” an overkill total of FOURTEEN times in your short entry? 14!!! You have a problem with “I”? Must be your Catholic boy humility!

    Maybe you can replace them all with “Stan”, and write about yourself in the 3rd person. Might be freaky fun. hurhur

  3. 3 gymstan 16 February 2008 at 7:42 07

    That’s a thought. Stan will think about that and maybe, just maybe, he might do something about that. One’s not sure. Whahaha…

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