Delays and an orientation of sorts

Departure to Bangalore’s been delayed somewhat, mainly due to the lengthy visa application process. Things one learns from this: tourists are always welcome. As are business people come in to do businessy things. Volunteers who want to come in to do social work face a slightly more difficult task of convincing the authorities of the legitimacy and necessity of one’s being there. Moderately annoying but one can see where they’re coming from – one would want to ensure that the social workers or volunteers do come in with a proper purpose and are aimed at contributing to the country – especially if they’re staying for an extended period of time.

The delays are also an orientation (or re-orientation) of sorts to the joys of bureaucracy. Of having to do the run-around just to get an endorsement that would allow me to stay for the duration of the project and then to have to send the documents in through the agent again. Thankfully, SIF’s handling most of these things for me but guess this is as good an orientation as to remind one that everything can’t be done online and picked up after a 10 minute queue in a comfy air-conditioned waiting room.

Will be making use of this delay to spend a little more time at home and to prep for the trip a little more. Not a bad thing actually – the down time that I get now is perhaps the first bits of real rest away from work that I’ve had in a long while. Quite pleased about that while at the same time chafing slightly at the wait. But everything will happen when it does so wait I shall.


1 Response to “Delays and an orientation of sorts”

  1. 1 gettingaclue 13 February 2008 at 1:12 01

    Just saw the mail you sent out. Hey, good luck on your trip to India and have fun yeah? Will add you to msn soon!

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